Please visit our Rebates page for general inquiries or our Patient FAQs.
If you have any other questions please contact Customer Care through WebChat or phone or, contact your Territory Manager. 


How to Contact Us

The CooperVision Rebate Centre can be reached at 1-866-415-7216 or by email at


Why did my patient receive a notification from

Once the claim has been approved, the patient will receive an email from with details on how to redeem the choice of physical or virtual card. Please make sure it is added to their safe senders list. 


Required documents for a successful submission

  • Original dated sales receipt with: eligible lens purchase(s), quantity of boxes purchased, patient name and address. 
  •  Two product box end panels (one for each eye) showing prescription information. Photos accepted.


Why would a claim go on hold?

The patient is missing documentation. Once the patient receives the "Hold Notification", they can edit their original claim by uploading the correct/missing documents.   


Why is a claim declined?

Patients must submit their rebate within 60 days of purchase. 


Problems getting stuck at step 2 when checking eligibility

If a patient is getting stuck at step 2 and the page is saying "checking eligibility" or "Whoops! It appears your purchase may not qualify." but not moving forward, the website may have timed out. 

To resolve this issue, we recommend refreshing the page and trying again. If refreshing the page does not work, we suggest trying a different browser. For instance, if a user is currently using Safari or Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome instead.

If these recommended solutions and are unsuccessful, we recommend reaching out to our rebate centre directly at 1-866-415-7216 or by email at One of our attendants would be happy to assist.


What is the mailing address for the rebate?

The mailing address for the rebate is provided on the lower-right side of the rebate form, just below the offer number.

Make sure to provide the current rebate form to your patients.