Biofinity® toric multifocal

You’ve corrected your astigmatism but found focusing on objects close-up has become more of a struggle.

This could be a sign of presbyopia, which affects most people over the age of 40. Presbyopia can make up-close objects appear blurry. To help improve your vision, you’ll need a new solution for your vision correction.

You may have worn toric lenses to correct your astigmatism but there is now a solution to address presbyopia as well.

CooperVision® Biofinity® toric multifocal contact lenses combine proven lens design technologies to help keep up with your evolving vision needs. 

The features you'll love

Optimized Toric Lens Geometry™

Optimized Toric Lens Geometry® incorporates special design features to provide predictable orientation and stable fit for consistently clear vision.

Balanced Progressive® Technology

Balanced Progressive Technology provides multiple correction zones in each lens that are tailored to your personal prescription, so you can see clearly at all distances.

Aquaform® Technology locks moisture inside the lens and allows high breathability to provide incredibly long-lasting comfort.

visual performance

All Biofinity contact lenses provide a remarkable balance of comfort, breathability and excellent visual performance.

contact lenses for every rx

Made to order, with over 200,000 prescription options to fit your specific prescription needs1

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What Is Astigmatism?
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What Is Presbyopia?


1. CVI data on file 2019. Based on total number of prescription option combinations (for sphere, cylinder, axis and add - including D & N combinations) manufactured.