Proclear Family - Comfortable Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

At a glance
  • 12 hours or more of comfort with 96% hydration
  • A material designed to address discomfort from dry eyes
  • A high-performing hydrogel for dependable vision performance
Family products

Fully covers your eyesight needs for contact lenses

Our Proclear® family of contacts corrects a wide range of vision problems, from astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and more. You’ll also have a choice of how often you prefer to change your contact lenses—from every day to every month.

Proclear contacts feature our PC Technology™, which contains molecules found naturally in human cell membranes. These molecules attract and surround themselves with water, keeping Proclear contact lenses moist and comfortable, even after 12 hours of wear.

In fact, Proclear contacts are the only contact lenses cleared by U.S. FDA for the claim: "may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear."

Ask your eye doctor about how Proclear contact lenses can help you.