At CooperVision, we share a fundamental mission with eyecare professionals to improve the way people see each day. To realize that, we are continuing to invest in the innovation of products, services, and business models that we believe will contribute to the growth of our industry and help eyecare professionals to remain successful, even as the industry evolves. We remain committed to helping provide the best possible vision and care for wearers, and see this as dependent on eye care professionals being at the center of patient care, with optimal contact lens selection benefitting from your extensive training and experience.

From time-to-time, we are asked if we manufacture specific contact lenses for third parties. We appreciate hearing from our customers and welcome the opportunity to dispel incorrect marketplace rumors and ensure your access to the facts. On this page, you will find communication we have shared recently.

Please contact your CooperVision sales representative or customer service at 1-888-475-8555 with any questions.