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Isn’t technology amazing?

It’s even helping CooperVision to improve the user experience for submitting patient rebates.

Your patients will be happy to experience the easier process and to receive their prepaid Visa® card faster than before by using the new process. The benefit to you is that sharing this simplified rebate process can encourage patients to purchase larger supplies of the contact lenses that you prescribe from your practice. 

You can help your patients save money by providing them with information about rebates, while simultaneously making additional profits for your practice when they buy a higher volume of lenses.  It’s a win/win for you and the patient.

Please share with your patients the highlights of the new rebate submission process and its additional features:

  • Patients can now take photos of their required documents and upload via mobile device or a computer instead of printing and mailing documents
    • Images of the purchase receipt and end panels from the boxes are required
  • Patients can also “save” a submission to print later if they don’t have immediate access to a printer

Help your patients save on their CooperVision contact lenses with our 2018 rebate offers.


Rebates can be completed online at https://www.coopervisionrewards.ca/ or you can order the manual forms by calling our customer service department 1-888-475-8555 for patients without access to the Internet.

Patients should submit a dated sales receipt and original end panels from their boxes. Please visit our Rebates page if you have any other questions or contact your Territory Manager. 

For inquiries, the CooperVision Rebate Centre can be reached at 1-866-415-7216 or by email at coopervisionrewards@360incentives.com