Effective July 1st 2019 – please ensure all previous 2019 rebate forms (First Half Promo) are discarded. Rebates submitted with incorrect offer codes will not be eligible.


Ensure patient rebate success:

  • Rebate claims must be mailed in or submitted online with all required supporting documentation, and a valid email address. If an email address is not provided, patients will not receive notifications about their rebate.
  • Rebates must be submitted within 60 days from the date of lens purchase
  • Rebates are valid with the correct offer code for purchases made between July 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.
  • Patient must provide all required documentation:
    o Sales Receipt – Must indicate the contact lens purchase along with purchase price. Credit card slips will not be accepted. The customer name, address, original purchase date and purchase of lenses must all be visible on the sales receipt.
    o Two product End Panels – Must contain the brand name, contact lens type, or prescription information. One product end panel must be uploaded for each eye, regardless of whether the prescriptions are the same in each eye. Examples are available during claim submission. Photos accepted.
  • Patients who qualify for a rebate will receive an email from notifications@coopervisiondigitalrewards.com, with the option to select a virtual voucher to spend online, or a physical CooperVision Visa* Prepaid card.
  • Patients will be notified by email when; their claim has been successfully received (both mail-in and online), if the claim requires attention (on hold), and when the claim has been successfully paid. When a claim has been successfully paid, the payment email will be sent to the email address used during claim submission.
  • Please remind patients to check their spam and junk folders for their payment email.

Easy As 1-2-3!

Step 1: Navigate to www.coopervisionrewards.ca with your rebate form. The offer code for your program is located in the bottom right-hand corner of your paperwork and is in the format of 19-XXXXX. 
Step 2: Upload a copy of your sales receipt, showing the original purchase of your contact lenses and two (2) product end panels. Sales receipts and two product end panel conditions set out above must be met. Examples are available under “what is an end panel”.
Step 3: Enter the quantity and type of lenses purchased. Please begin with the quantity of lenses (example: (8) clariti sphere). Enter the remaining purchase details including the patient name, and Eye Care Professional. When searching for an Eye Care Professional, we recommend searching by postal code. If the receipt number is not available, please enter the patient last name.

Once the above steps have been completed – the patient will receive their rebate number. This should be kept for their
records and used to check their rebate status online.

Help your patients save on their CooperVision contact lenses with our 2019 rebate offers.

For assistance or questions, please email coopervisionrewards@360incentives.com or call at 1-866-415-7216