High water content throughout the whole contact lens helps to ensure excellent, all-day wearer comfort.

Wetloc Technology

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WetLoc® Technology creates a naturally wettable contact lens that resists dehydration*. It locks in moisture and distributes water molecules throughout the contact lens, mimicking the moisture dispersion of naturally healthy eyes.

By locking in moisture, WetLoc® Technology keeps the contact lens and its surfaces continually moist throughout your day.

With every day of contact lens wear, you can feel confident knowing that WetLoc® Technology supports naturally healthy eyes and excellent all-day wearer comfort.


naturally wettable contact lenses

Creates a naturally wettable contact lens that locks in moisture to help keep your lenses moist throughout the day

Wetloc Technology

Resists dehydration with nearly 98% moisture retention1

Supports naturally healthy eyes and excellent all-day wearer comfort

Wetloc® Technology at work

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Tell your eye care professional you’d like to try clariti® 1-day contact lenses with WetLoc® Technology.


* Absolute moisture retention 98.8%, relative moisture retention 97.8%.


1. CVI data on file 2019. Multi-visit study to assess handling performance and dehydration characteristics for 4 DD CLs in 20 CL wearers.