As the first day of school approaches, parents may get requests for contact lenses from their kids to start the new year without glasses. But how do you know when your child is ready? There is no magic age when contact lenses become appropriate. For certain conditions, even infants and toddlers wear contacts. Every child is different and is ready at a different time. Here are five signs your child may be ready for contact lenses:

1– Your child is asking to wear contacts

This may seem obvious, but a child who is unhappy with his or her glasses is going to be far more motivated to take good care of his or her contact lenses. The drive to wear contact lenses should come from the child and no one else.

2– Your child does his or her chores without having to be asked repeatedly

Children who show signs of responsibility in all aspects of their lives tend to be good candidates for contact lenses. If not, then it doesn’t hurt to wait a year or two. Nobody wants to have to remind their child over and over again to take out their contact lenses.

3–He or she is clean and hygienic

If the Peanuts cartoon character “Pig Pen” reminds you of your little one, then contact lenses might not be a good option at this point. Some kids love to get dirty, which is great. Unfortunately, poor hygiene and the use of dirty hands to insert or remove contact lenses may lead to an eye infection.

4– Your child takes care of his or her glasses

Glasses are expensive and delicate, and kids who make an effort to take good care of them (rather than leaving them on the bus, putting them down on the playground, or placing them loose in their backpack) will naturally take good care of their contact lenses.

5–He or she is involved in athletics

Contact lenses are perfect for children who love sports. They enjoy better vision and have more options for protective eye wear. Plus, they don’t have to worry about their glasses slipping due to sweat or the  facial dangers of broken glass resulting from accidental impact.

One thing to consider is how much easier it is now to take care of contact lenses with daily disposables. Lenses like Proclear 1 day allow kids to put in a fresh pair every day with no solutions or cleaning regimen.

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