November 23, 2020

Two New Online Tools Provide Insight into Myopia – One tool is for ECPs Practicing Myopia Management and One is for Parents


RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, November XX, 2020—As part of its global commitment to advancing myopia management practices, CooperVision today announced it has developed two new tools – an axial length estimator tool for Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) and a nearsightedness assessment tool for parents. The online axial length estimator tool is intended for use with children and is now available to Eye Care Professionals who are certified in the Brilliant Futures™ with MiSight® 1 day program. Certified ECPs can find more information at The easy-to-use nearsightedness assessment tool is available to parents at 


Axial Length Estimator Tool

Clinical studies investigating the effectiveness of a myopia management intervention typically review changes in refractive error and axial length over time. While virtually all clinical practices are equipped to assess refractive error, many have not yet invested in diagnostic instruments to gauge axial length.


“Understanding axial length can provide valuable information for ECPs who are managing childhood myopia, especially since the consequences of myopia-related pathology are significantly linked to that measure ,” said Elizabeth Lumb, BSc (Hons), MCOptom, FBCLA, EMEA Head of Professional Services for MiSight® 1 day at CooperVision. “Our new estimator gives additional information to help Eye Care Professionals better understand the significance of axial length.”


CooperVision worked with Eurolens Research at the University of Manchester to develop the new tool, based on research published in Contact Lens and Anterior Eye . The paper describes how standard optometric measurements of refractive error and keratometry readings – easily obtained in clinical practice – can offer a good approximation of absolute ocular axial length.


The CooperVision Axial Length Estimator* uses a formula from an analysis of extensive MiSight® 1 day contact lens clinical study data that demonstrates a highly correlated agreement between measured and calculated axial length (R2=0.83) . ECPs simply need to enter their patient’s refractive error (sphere and cylinder) and keratometry readings (in diopters or millimeters) to generate an axial length estimate.


Nearsightedness Assessment Tool

CooperVision is making it easier for parents and guardians worldwide to assess if their children may be more predisposed to myopia. The new Nearsightedness Assessment Tool provides a short survey that asks questions about a child’s age, family history of myopia, and how much near work the child does daily.


“With the current global pandemic causing children worldwide to spend more time inside and on digital devices, there is no better time for parents to pay close attention to their child’s eyesight. CooperVision is committed to providing helpful tools to parents that serve to raise awareness of the importance of regular eye examinations for children. The Nearsightedness Assessment Tool  will help educate them on myopia and direct them to a local Brilliant Futures™ certified practitioner who can provide a comprehensive eye examination and discuss all options to manage myopia progression including prescribing contact lenses that can slow the progression of myopia,” said Alexandra Donkin, General Manager for CooperVision Canada.


The assessment tool complements CooperVision’s, a web-based tool that Eye Care Professionals around the globe can use to help illustrate myopia. Using images of a range of school environments (a classroom, a science laboratory and a gymnasium). The simulator provides a visual guide through the eyes of an uncorrected myope from -1.00D through to -6.00D. Using a sliding scale, each scenario brings to life the near, intermediate and distance vision with differing levels of myopia.


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