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MiSight® Spectacle Lenses

Act early to help slow myopia progression

Demonstrated safe and effective for children as young as 6 in a multi clinical trial1*
59% reduction in myopia progression, on average, in children with full time wear over 2 years.1†

How lenses work


How MiSight® Spectacle Lenses Work

MiSight® Spectacle Lenses with Diffusion Optics Technology is a new and unique lens technology which reduces contrast to help slow axial elongation in myopia.2

How lenses work

MiSight® Spectacle Lenses were particularly effective in the youngest patients, aged 6-7 years old, who have the fastest progression, where no other spectacles have been evaluated for effectiveness.1

Children readily adapt to Diffusion Optics Technology™1

Wearing Time

Wearing Time

Average wearing time for both MiSight® Spectacle Lenses and regular spectacles was more than 12 hours each day over 2 years.1‡



More than 3/4 children love their MiSight® Spectacle Lenses§ and most think they make them look cool.||

MiSight® Spectacle Lenses are designed to fit seamlessly into your practice

MiSight® Spectacle Lenses are prescribed like many other single-vision spectacle lenses.

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No extra chair time

Easy to fit

Easy to fit

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