OptiExpertTM is an essential tool for your practice, designed to speed up contact lens selection1,2, save you time on toric and multifocal fittings2,3 and make your patient’s experience better than ever.

Download the next generation OptiExpertTM. Available on the APP Store, Google Play and Web.



Smart Prescription Calculator

A sphere, toric, multifocal and toric multifocal calculator in one.


Smarter Options

Next-generation OptiExpert™ searches more options and gives you more recommendations for even more of your patients.


Smarter Design

The new, intuitive interface of OptiExpert™ puts a range of tools right at your fingertips:


  • Oxygen profiles – oxygen maps that show oxygen transmissibility over the whole lens and can demonstrate how different prescriptions and lens designs influence this.

App Features

Toric Calculator

The Toric Calculator provides an efficient way to calculate and evaluate the recommended diagnostic toric contact lens for your astigmatic patient.

Toric Multifocal Calculator

The Toric Multifocal Calculator makes the fitting process for astigmatic and presbyopic patients simpler and more efficient1,2 - helping you select lenses quickly and reducing chair time3.

Oxygen Profiles

Oxygen Profiles provide credible clinical support to aid upgrading discussions and offer a clear visual demonstration of the level of oxygen transmissibility provided by a silicone hydrogel contact lens in comparison to relevant products from other manufacturers.

Where to download

Password: biofinity

Available on the App Store and Google Play for use on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile and tablet devices.

1. Based on use with Biofinity® toric, MyDay® toric and clariti® 1 day toric lenses. 2.Luensmann D et al. Toric lens fitting success supported by an online fitting App. Poster to be presented at NCC/BCLA 2020. 3. CVI data on file 2019. Retrospective analysis; N=55 subjects (110 eyes); DV Rx +1.25D to -3.25D, add powers +1.25 to +2.50DS.