Myopia Management Certifications

Program Description

Get certified to manage myopia with MiSight® 1 day and Paragon CRT®
To communicate effectively to parents and their children with myopia, it is essential to understand the gravity of myopia and its progression. These certification programs are designed to help move the conversation beyond vision correction, so that slowing the progression of myopia for each and every child becomes part of a new standard of care.

Benefits of the Program

  • Get certified to prescribe myopia management treatments like MiSight® 1 day and Paragon CRT® before graduation.
  • Gain access to MiSightPro, CooperVision's dedicated platform.

How the Program Works

Optometry students must register below to gain access to both MiSightPro platform and Paragon CRT® certification courses.

Who Is Eligible?

Program participants are generally third- and fourth-year optometry students.