As we advance the field of ocular science, we remain focused on bringing technology that provides real benefits to those who wear our contact lenses.

A small sampling of our advancements includes:

Wetloc​™ Technology - Featured in clariti 1 day lenses, Wetloc™ Technology ensure the entire lens surface is continuously hydrated throughout the day. This advanced technology has built-in moisture that is evenly spread throughout the lens and mimics the moisture distribution of naturally healthy eyes – resulting in excellent all-day comfort.”

Aquaform® Technology - Our Aquaform technology provides a naturally wettable material that establishes hydrogen bonds with water molecules; this holds water within the lens helping make the lens wettable without the need for surface treatments or wetting agents.

Oxygen is transmitted efficiently through the lens due to unique silicone macros that provide long chains of silicone. This unique silicone macromer features a reduced number of molecular bridges, making it softer and more flexible than older first generation silicone hydrogel lenses.

This exciting technology is only available through CooperVision in our encore100® and Biofinity® families of contact lenses.

PC Technology™ – Simply put, our PC Technology helps our Proclear® contacts stay 96% hydrated throughout the day, helping them feel moist and comfortable.

In fact, our Proclear contacts are the only lens material cleared by the U.S. FDA for the claim: “May provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.”

As we said, this is just a small sampling of what we have done to advance the field of contact lenses and bring more comfort and benefits to both wearers and optometrists alike.