Eight different colour contact lenses. Eight choices!

At a glance
  • A natural, realistic colour change
  • Eight great colours
  • Uses an advanced tinting process

Are you in the mood for a change? Consider coloured contact lenses. Whether you're looking for a new look before a night on the town, or you want to liven things up for a little longer, you can change the appearance of your eyes in an instant.

From blue contact lenses to brown contacts for coloured contacts for dark eyes, you can enhance your appearance instantly with these colour contacts. Click here to view available colours.

Prescription colour contacts—ask your eye care professional/

Expressions colours are also prescription lenses, so they're designed to correct your vision as well as let you easily change your eye colour.

And since you want people to notice you, and not just the colour of your eyes, our lenses use a technologically advanced tinting process to produce more natural, realistic colour changes.

Enhance your appearance with these coloured contact lenses

Choose from eight great colours: from brown, blue and green contact lenses, along with jade, aqua, hazel, grey, and blue topaz.

When you want a change, mention Expressions colours at your next eye exam!

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